About You

You’re established in your industry and have a solid network of referral partners. That’s all great. However, you’re finding that word of mouth referrals can be unpredictable. It’s slowing the growth of your business.

You want to create a steady stream of potential customers without spending all of your time at in person networking events.

You know that developing a significant web presence, social media following and email database of prospects and customers is the necessary strategy to get more clients and customers. You’re overwhelmed by how to set the best strategy and choose the right tactics and tools. You don’t know how much time it will take or if it will pay off.

Creating a reliable flow of prospective clients from social media, your website and emailing valuable content to your customer/prospective customer database is a top priority. Other experts in your industry, with fewer capabilities, have web and social presences that appear to be more robust than yours. It’s time you enhanced your web participation.

You often think you should just hire an intern to do social media…but you’re not sure where to start.

You’re ready to reach more of your perfect customers by implementing a sensible website/social media strategy, system and process. You just need some help choosing smart strategies and putting the plan in place that fits you and your business.

My Perfect Client

You are your own person.

You are fascinated by your customers + clients.

Your business is going well. You’re ready to grow by implementing new strategies and tools!

You’re prepared to invest in yourself and your business.

You love your work and thrive when you’re booked solid serving your perfect clients.

You are committed to serving more of your perfect customers.

You’re an established entrepreneur, there’s no going back.

You’ve refined your voice and want to share your insights with a wider audience.

You value hard work and are ready to up your game.

You know we don’t get to the finish line alone and are ready to collaborate.

You’re an action-taker.

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