Knowing Your Perfect Client / Customer // 4-Hour Private Session

Uncover Your Perfect Client, Quick Start Package

In this half-day session, we dig deep to uncover everything you know about the person you serve best: your perfect client or customer.

  • We define your Perfect Client’s most urgent problem(s). Those they’ll pay anything to solve. This is a BIG DEAL!
  • We prepare a content plan with all the rich details we’ve unearthed, that further sheds light on insights about your Perfect Client and their biggest headaches.
  • You’ll complete a 30-day content and action plan. Including specific topics geared toward your perfect client, based on the Profile and their top core problems.

This Program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to do the work and just need some guidance!
  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves, pull back the layers and get crystal clear about who really want to work with and “why?”
  • You’re tired of wasting time, exhausting yourself and throwing money away on ineffective marketing that attracts the wrong clients.
  • You’re done with “Hit and Miss” marketing stuff and social media ‘misses’.
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know that if you really want a better result, then you have to be willing to do something different and make better decisions.
  • You’re ready to finally have clarity about your Perfect Client Profile, you’re committed to show up 100% and you know you will have it completed by the end of your session.
  • You know it’s time. And you know you, your business and your bottom line deserves this. Period!

Where your half-day session takes place: In person, by Skype or by phone.

Your half-day program looks like this:

Hour One: We start with a ‘brain dump and we document “everything” you know about your perfect client. (This goes deep so get enough sleep, eat your Wheaties, drink your green juice, come ready to work!)

Hour Two:  Outline your PCP’s ‘Personality Profile’ by asking, “Who are they really? We drill down even further, get personal and really get to know them. (Buckle up… we’re going there!)

Break: We take a minute to catch our breath, check in, have some nosh, rehydrate, take an assessment and we gear up for the 2nd quarter! (We honor this break and break bread together whether we are live or virtual.)

Hour Three:  It’s decision time and this is when we come to some solid, fact-driven, conclusions on the following:

  • What are their top core problems?
  • What are their key frustrations?
  • What do they really crave?
  • What is their burning ambition?
  • What are their genuine objectives?
  • What are their deepest desires?

Hour Four: Complete your 30-day content topics and action plan. This includes specific client-centric topics for your perfect client, based on the Perfect Client/Customer Profile we created.

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