Create Your Perfect Client Profile & Engagement Plan // 30-Day Program

In this private 30-day program, we “do the work!” Together, we drill down and identify your ‘prefect client’ and help you dial in your marketing efforts according to “who” you really want to be working with. Why is this essential?
Because when you market to everyone…you market to no one!

Benchmarks and Results: What to expect

  • Clarity about exactly who are your perfect clients
  • Grow your ‘perfect prospective client’ funnel
  • Attract and connect with your perfect clientele with greater ease
  • Identify your perfect client’s values, fears, dreams, goals
  • Determine your clients’ most urgent problems—the ones they will pay anything to solve
  • Create messages that speak directly to your perfect client
  • Build the foundation for crafting a solution that matches their desires and wants to a “T”
  • Increase your revenue by working a plan and marketing to your ‘Perfect Clients’
  • Design an Action List, an Engagement Plan and Clarity Statements to guide how you engage with your perfect clients

How we get there:

Week #1 //Session:

  • We start by mining everything you know about your perfect client (or customer). The type of person you serve best and “who” you most want to work with. This might sound easy, but anyone who’s really done this will attest, it’s not for the faint of heart. They’ll also tell you, it’s worth it and it’s the foundation for everything.
  • You are going to know them like you know your family. Then (and only then) we create your “Perfect Client Profile” (PCP).

It’s decision time and this is when we come to some solid, fact-driven, conclusions on the following:

  • What are their core problems?
  • What are their key frustrations?
  • What do they really crave?
  • What is their real ambition?
  • What are their genuine objectives?
  • What are their deepest desires?

Week #2 //Followup Call:
General follow up, answer questions, check on progress, etc. Get you geared up for homework, research ideas and more for your upcoming sessions.

Week #3 //Session:

  • Review development and progress, assess clarity and effectiveness, address areas still needing attention, clarity, fleshing out.
  • This is the last stretch, what ALL the work has been for. Here, this is the final deep dive and we completely dial in ‘who’ your Perfect Client is, why, and how “you” matter to them. This will be what you base all your marketing, messaging and sales efforts on. This IS your Perfect Client Profile.
  • We create your clarity statement(s), a detailed 30-day content + action plan. This includes specific client-centric topics and custom tailored messaging for your perfect client, based on the Profile we developed.

Week #3 //Followup Call:

  • General follow up, answer Q’s, check on progress, etc. Get them geared up w/ homework, research, etc for their upcoming 4-hour session.

30-Day //Followup Call:

  • General follow up, check on progress, results and support.

This Program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to do the work and aren’t making the progress you’d like on your own!
  • You’re honestly committed to getting crystal clear about who really want to work with and “why?”
  • You’re tired of wasting time, exhausting yourself and throwing money away on ineffective marketing that attracts the wrong-fit clients.
  • You’re done with “Hit and Miss” marketing stuff and social media that doesn’t work.
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know that if you really want a better result, then you have to be willing to do something different and make better decisions.
  • You’re ready to finally have your Perfect Client Profile, you’re committed to show up 100% and you know you will have it completed by the end of your program.
  • You know it’s time. And you know you, your business and your bottom line deserves this. Period!