Service Professionals: Use a Blog to Recreate Your Best Client Conversations

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Don’t you love it when a chance meeting at a networking event goes well?  When it turns into a killer prospective client conversation?


Or, when you and a prospective client just click during a phone conversation that resulted from a referral.


You introduce yourself and explain how you solve blue widget problems for executives, and she says, “Really!  I’m dealing with ‘blue widget problems’ at the moment. Tell me more.”


This is what Mike Bosworth author of Customer Centric Selling calls a “target conversation”. When a prospective buyer has shared a goal or problem that you can solve, it’s the start of the buying cycle.


You ask your best what-are-the-outcomes-she-needs questions.  You uncover her biggest, most time-consuming pain points.  And her top fears.


Within minutes, you’re getting at the heart of her blue widget problem.


She asks you more questions.  You explain your experience working with businesses like hers to resolve blue widget problems. You see where she’s going with her problem.   You ask if she’s considered options A, B or C.  You outline potential outcomes.


Uncovering Clients’ ‘Should Ask’ Questions


She’s interested in continuing the conversation because you’ve struck a chord. You’re asking all the right questions.  You’re asking her things she should be asking.  The questions she hadn’t considered.


Suddenly she’s realizing her blue widget problem is bigger than she thought. She likes the solution you’re mapping out. Right there on the spot.


She wants to talk further.


And you’re off to the races.


Isn’t it a great feeling when you’re hitting on all cylinders with a prospective client?


Don’t you wish you could clone yourself and these kinds of prospective client conversations?  Well, maybe you can.



Blogs Multiply Your Best Conversations


With a business blog, you instantly make your insights available to countless others 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


After you’ve had a great live conversation with a prospective client, recreate the same theme and information on your blog. Explain your unique approaches to problem solving in your blog content.


Your insights helped one prospective client—think of how many more you’ll help by sharing the same information on your business blog!


Then think of how many more prospective clients will want to talk to you further.

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